Recycling Services Repertoire

Data Destruction

Whether you prefer data destruction or reuse / regeneration of value through resell, Felix has evolved techniques to handle it. The company’s teams with deep expertise in control and shredding of digital data containing devices eliminate all risk of data disclosure.

Data Shredding

Felix’s high-power shears can destroy sensitive data-containing storage media devices that are no longer needed, rendering them inaccessible and unreadable. The company ensures high integrity of data shredding through video monitoring,

which the respective clients can view in real time, if so desired,

Data Wiping

Felix’s electronic data wiping services are executed through world class software that totally erase all program files, data files and operating systems. They also remove all corporate identification tags, securing client privacy. Sensitive e-waste are collected in locked containers, transported to Felix, and systematically wiped.

Optimized Collection & Logistics

Felix optimizes its collection and logistics (C&L) through effective planning, maximized collection runs and return haulage, with a view to reducing environmental impact from emission.

Through a reliable network of carriers and brokers, the company executes small and large e-waste pickups throughout the country. And it provides full audit trails of its services, enabling clients to track it for accountability, accuracy and detailing, and also to monitor location, quantities, types and processing status of e-waste collected from their organizations.

Auditing & Consultation

Felix’s auditing and consultation services help you meet your e-waste requirements – realizing maximum value, developing efficient onsite e-waste handling systems, infusing a recycling awareness in your organization, and compiling evidence of your recycling efforts (to be presented to government authorities).

E-Waste Audit

As the first step in preparing a recycling plan for clients, Felix conducts a waste stream audit to identify and segregate e-waste by material types and volumes. This helps the company identify items to buy, and items to recycle but not buy, etc. Based on this, Felix determines the best rates to offer its clients as per industry standards.

E-waste audits offers Felix’s clients better value realization and more efficient recycling. Strategic stages of this process are:

  1. Planning a formal meeting.
  2. Site visit and data collection.
  3. Assessment of positive options.
  4. Identification of waste revenue potentials.
  5. Delivery of audit reports and presentations.
  6. Proposal presentation and contract-signing.


Felix’s consultation services help its clients meet their internal and external requirements related to e-waste they generate. Its consultants study and analyze client needs, reconciles them with environmental challenges and legislative requirements, and come up with customized plans that offer optimal solutions.

Refurbishment Services

Felix’s refurbishment services put a decent value to your used equipment, refurbish and remarket them through the company’s resale network. For companies that want to discard outdated and redundant IT equipment (even if they are still operational) in favor of newer models, this is an ideal option, which also benefits secondary users such as schools, NGOs, small businesses and students who purchase them at low costs.

CFL Recycling

Felix has in place world class lamp recycling systems to effectively handle lighting equipment of all forms and sizes. This specialty recycling service enables lighting equipment OEMs to profitably handle end-of-life management of products.

Felix’s fully automated lamp recycling system is equipped with activated carbon modules that capture mercury emissions from CFL waste. It is fitted with closed drums that store hazardous glass, which is then safely disposed of at TSDF sites.