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Anti-Corrosion Commandos At Your Service

Enduring service life, minimum downtime and optimal environmental compliance are critical for industrial survival, success and progression. The one obstacle that can affect all three of these factors is: Corrosion.

In view of this, the R&D division of Felix Industries lays special emphasis on developing innovative, corrosion-resistant materials. It offers a diverse array of Thermoplastic Pipes that can withstand a wide range of chemicals and elevated temperatures without flaws or failure.

Many chemicals used in the Process Industry aggressively corrode most metal equipment, leading to process leaks, flow restrictions and ultimately, premature failure.

Corrosion is the single-biggest problem faced by the Piping Industry, vis a vis usage of Ferrous and Mild Steel as materials of construction. It can decrease piping life, interrupt production and cause power losses. These industries often require process piping systems made of material that can withstand tough industrial environments.

Steel, despite being a robust MOC, is cumbersome to handle, and therefore, difficult to install.Thermoplastic Pipes, costing less than Steel (supply and installation), and with proven lifespan of >20 years, are the ideal option.

Industrial Piping Systems

Felix Industries Limited offers the following range of Pipes, Fittings & Accessories manufactured by ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LIMITED

  • C-PVC

  • U-PVC

  • PVDF

  • PP-H

  • HDPE