Compliance Services

Reports & Certifications

Felix’s reporting and certification services are designed to serve a wide range of compliance and documentation requirements of clients, vis a vis e-waste recycling. The company certifies your recycling efforts and documents e-waste processing on a lot-to-lot basis. Its detailed recycling reports record the type, quantity and weight of materials recycled from the e-waste collected from clients on monthly, quarterly and yearly bases. They also keep track of collection frequencies, processing details, revenue quanta, etc., and the details required to submit compliance reports to state pollution control boards.

These Reports Include

  • Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Certificate of e-waste Recycling
  • Customized Recycling Report
  • Standard Compliance Reports

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Felix is a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) capable of shouldering the operational responsibility of its member OEMs in meeting their EPR obligations for e-waste. Its teams of experts research, implement and report the client’s EPR efforts, ensuring that they are impactful, measurable and sustainable.

Community Outreach

Felix provides the public various community platforms in order to promote the concepts of ‘green environment’ and ‘green earnings’, and spread a positive attitude towards recycling, in partnership with individuals, businesses and local government bodies.

Take-Back Schemes

Felix instigates its clients and the general public to not discard their old / obsolete electronic products in trash and leave them open to harsh informal handling. They are encouraged to opt for the company’s voluntary take-back services, recycle their e-waste for trade-in value, and buy new electronic items / take instant cash returns.

Hosting Collection Drives

Felix leases out its end-to-end e-waste management services for public e-waste collection events, within 50 km of any of its facilities. These collection events are held at no cost to consumers and businesses for providing licenses, logistics, handling, trucking, staffing and planning.

E-Waste Donation

E-waste donation helps conserve and support resources and the environment, and satisfies social concerns. They also help bridge the gap in technology access between children of low and high-income families.

Felix works closely with charitable organizations and NGOs to channel functioning electronic items to needy sections of the community, and donates a portion of the revenues generated on every hosted e-waste event.

Education / Awareness Events

e-waste is one of the world’s biggest sources of toxic elements, and an effective approach to inform and educate businesses and public about it is an imperative need of the day.

Felix provides support to awareness drives targeted at the society in general, and to academic institutions, industry associations and professional organizations – workshops / seminars, media engagements, campaigns, design & dissemination of awareness tools, etc.