Range Of Solutions


  • End-to-end e-waste management, comprising: consultation, logistics, event planning, management assistance, responsible processing and promotion.
  • Compliant recycling programs.
  • Permanent drop-off locations.
  • Recycling certifications issued for every load processed.
  • Single point of contact that delivers streamlined communications and quick responsiveness, and ensures accountability in services.
  • Electronic manufacturer partnership for EPR.
  • Transparent collection and recycling process, backed by documentation.
  • Balancing eco-norms compliance, convenience and financial returns.
  • Guaranteed adherence to government standards.

Felix Range of Solutions

Business Sector

Felixprovides electronic recycling services to a diverse range of clients, including local and national corporates, electronic manufacturers, government organizations, residences, schools and hospitals, IT companies, retailers and dealers of electronic and electrical devices.

Government Sector

Felix provides ethical, responsible and regional e-waste collection & processing services, and supports government initiatives to create a positive attitude towards informal e-waste recycling.

As government organizations are the largest users of electronic equipment, Felix takes special care to safeguard their concerns vis a vis informal recycling (potential of exposure of sensitive data, etc).

The company is committed to being a single window provider of e-waste management services, providing transparent solutions, effortless e-waste disposal and reliable reporting.

Corporate Houses

For corporate houses, Felix creates customized solutions that limit discontinuations, maximize returns and meet compliance norms – leading to overall increase in productivity. The company’s single window services provides a secure and transparent chain of services.

Felix’s corporate clientele includes consortia in banking, construction, education, power, media & entertainment, telecommunications, radio, etc.


Felix is a reliable partner for households that wish to recycle their e-waste in accordance with regulations. The company’s individual recycling services securely collects and transports e-waste from households for disposal.


Felix’s reliable & traceable recycling operations are idea for industries.

The company’s analysts closely monitor evolving scenarios in e-waste management, to ensure that its client industries have the capability to comply with new regulatory requirements.


Felix offers optimal turnkey e-waste management solutions for OEMs – spaning efficacious collection, best-in-class recycling processes, reliable reporting of data, and adherence to legal obligations.


  • Telecommunication devices
  • Computer & computer peripherals
  • Data servers, data storage disks and drives
  • Cables and power equipment
  • Networking equipment routers and hubs
  • Defense related IT devices
  • Office electronics
  • Lab and medical equipment
  • Desktop PCs
  • CAD systems
  • Mobile phones, tablets and other digital assistants
  • Copiers, fax machines, printers and plotters
  • Video and graphic cards
  • Server equipment
  • Radar Systems
  • Cell towers
  • Infrastructure devices
  •  Mainframes
  • ATMs
  • Credit Card machines
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Antennas and Cables
  • Studio / Sound equipment
  • Television / LCD displays
  • Receivers and transformers
  • Switchgears
  • Circuit boards
  • Auto electronic and electrical equipment
  • External Hard drives
  • Laptops
  • Projectors
  • Intercoms and speakers
  • Data centre IT devices
  • GPS Tracking devices
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Set-top boxes and DVR boxes