A chance to work for your MOM

Mother Nature, that is.

Felix Industries began its corporate voyage in 2010 as an eco-tech start-up in 2010. In the initial phase, its product & service portfolio included design, development & manufacture and import, export & distribution of comprehensive, Membrane Separation Technology-based Water and Waste Water Solutions.

The company charted out a rapid pace of growth in know-how, expertise and business, and in 2012, it transformed into Felix Industries Pvt Ltd, assimilating various other related technologies under its aegis (such as Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment of industrial effluents).

Today, Felix is widely acknowledged as a reliable, high-performance EPC (Execution, Procurement and Construction) Company that provides total, source to solution packages – covering infrastructure and all other aspects of integrated Water Management – Intake, Storage & Transmission, Treatment & Distribution, Recycle / Reuse, Desalination and Waste Disposal.

The pace of growth, will continue. The commitment to environment, will grow bigger. The contributions to making the world a better place, will increase.

YOU too, can be a part of this story of GOOD success.

Email your resume, with a covering letter about your professional and personal goals here @ info@felixindustries.co