Exploring a Complete Collaboration With Mother Nature


At the current rate of utilization, demand growth and depletion, India is projected to become a water-stressed nation by 2025, and it is critical that through water conservation and waste water treatment, we tip the scale in favour of our future generations, before it happens.

Water is the most important constituent for numerous manufacturing and industrial sectors, and as Indian Industry grew rapidly in the last few decades, it also resulted in severe environmental pollution and ecological imbalance. Industrial water usage in India is about 50 million cubic metres per day, and this is expected to increase exponentially in the coming decade.

Since sea water desalination is impractically costly, and brings along a host of concomitant ecological challenges, Waste Water (Effluent) Treatment is the only workable solution for India.

Being seized of the emerging scenario, the Government of India has introduced a number of regulatory reforms to encourage water treatment programs and started to support Private Party Participation (PPP) in the water sector. Besides, tax breaks are in offing, for industries that save water and address environmental concerns. These efforts seem to be effective, as a growth phase is presaged in the Indian water and waste water treatment sector.

Felix Industries Ltd was set up with the corporate objective of meeting water scarcity in a manner beneficial to the environment – a circle of goodness, so to speak.

To attain this objective, Felix Industries adheres to its own Go-Green concept of business, which follows a ‘Recycle-Reuse-Recover-Reduce’ methodology.

The Go-Green concept of Felix Industries maximizes the basic idea of recycling Industrial effluent and reusing it —ensuring maximum recovery and reducing waste water discharge to the maximum extent possible.


We gratefully recognize that caring for the environment and nurturing the ecosystem is an inherent, integral part of our business, enabling us to be of assistance to the ecosystem in our everyday activities.

Our core activity is to reclaim and recycle natural resources whenever and wherever possible, and we NEVER forget to remember that our actions have an impact on the immediate environment

Our belief system dictates us to

  • Keep environmental sensitivity as the core value that guides our business decisions and operations.
  • Reduce over-abundance of non-sustainable material such as e-waste, through procurement, processing and recycling.
  • Minimize the use of energy and eliminate wasteful use of resources.
  • Plan collection and transportation minutely to maximize utility of each run and ensure return haulage – thus reducing emissions optimally.
  • Fully comply with all applicable Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Legislations, and provide our workers an optimally safe work environment.
  • Be aware of, and adopt developments in e-waste techniques and systems that increase recycling feasibility.
  • Ensure that our company’s suppliers/clients / buyers are counselled in acquiring the technologically appropriate systems, and develop a responsible approach to the environmental aspects of e-waste recycling.
  • Offer consultation, guidance and learning tools in e-waste handling and recycling to anyone seeking it, in order to widen public knowledge & awareness (regardless of whether it accrues any commercial value for the company).

These initiatives help spread a positive attitude towards recycling of waste, and help recycling companies achieve sustainability.

Guided by its environmental mission, Felix partners with individuals, businesses and local governments –in a committed mission to transform e-waste into much-needed resources.