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Many chemicals encountered in the process industry aggressively corrode most metal equipment resulting in Process leaks, Flow Restrictions and ultimately premature failure.

Long service life, minimum downtime and environmental compliance are critical to the success and growth of Industries.

Corrosion is the biggest problem faced by industry when it comes to usage of Ferrous and Mild Steel as material of construction in piping systems.

CORROSION can decrease piping life, interrupt production and cause power losses. As a result these industries often require process piping systems those are made of material that can withstand tough Industrial Environments.

Steel despite being a robust MOC is cumbersome to handle and therefore difficult to install.

Contrary the prices (cost of supply and installation) of thermoplastic pipes are less than that of steel pipes and with proved life of > 20 years.

Felix Industries Limited have come up with range of Thermoplastic pipes, which can withstand wide range of chemicals and can worth at elevated temperature without failure.

We offer following range of Pipes, Fittings and accessories.