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Welcome to FelixTM Industries Private Limited.

We are Environmental Conservation Company and we believe in “Recycle - Reuse – Recover - Reduce” of Water. We at Felix Industries Pvt. Ltd. are determined to tap and use any opportunity that can be used towards Water processing and purification. Felix Industries Pvt. Ltd. was born out of the desire of being environment friendly, through Water Processing and its Recycle - Reuse - Recover - Reduce.

News & Events

  • Felix Industries Pvt. Ltd. enters into Technological tie-up with GEA Engineering, USA.
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Water and Wastewater Recycling System

  • Zero Liquid Discharge.
  • Product Recovery.
  • Effluent Recycle.
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane system.
  • Ultra filtration & Nano filtration.
  • Pre-treatment and Post-treatment chemicals.

Industrial Piping Division


We also deal in Thermoplastic polymer pipes
complying ASTM, IS and DIN standards:

  • Electrically and pneumatically actual values
  • Solenoid valves, flow sensor, pH, ORP and conductivity transmitter