Techno Alliance

Techno Alliance

GEA Engineering& Environment Consultants Inc.

the technological alliance partner of Felix Industries, is a New York-based Water Treatment Company with more than two decades of expertise in designing Membrane systems across the world.

GEA is a multi-disciplined international company specializing in planning, design and construction of industrial water and wastewater facilities using Membrane Technologies such as Reverse Osmosis. Its repertoire includes water treatment plants, water reclamation systems and water desalination systems. It has a track record of providing cost-effective systems using the latest technologies, in these segments.

Felix Industries, with the support of GEA Engineering, aims to lead the domains of industrial waste water treatment and recycling, water processing, municipal water treatment and allied services, while also aiding environment conservation.

Astral To Astral Poly Technik Limited.

Felix is the Authorized dealer of Astral since 2012. Astral Poly Technik Limited was established in 1996 with the aim to manufacture pro-India plumbing and drainage systems in the country. While serving the plumbing needs of millions of houses, the company adds extra mileage to India’s developing real estate fraternity. Our contribution to the plumbing industry in the form of being pro-innovative bears the hallmark

of unbeaten quality. Astral Poly Technik is equipped with production facilities at Santej&Dholka (Gujarat), and Hosur (Tamil Nadu) to manufacture Plumbing systems, Drainage systems, Agriculture, Industrial and Electrical Conduit Pipes with all kinds of necessary fittings.