Waste Water Treatment

Municipal Corporation

Sewage Water Recycling

According to studies 80% of the water supplied to the cities and Municipal Corporations converts into waste water which is discharged directly into the water bodies and only 25% is treated which means that approximately 75% of the waste water goes untreated into our environment.

  • Here at Felix Industries Limited we Recycle the Sewage Water and use this water back for our purpose for any which will directly help us to conserve our environment.

Drinking Water Treatment

Water from natural resources is not always fit for drinking purpose it has to undergo some pre-treatment for removal of some particles or chemicals that might be hazardous to human health & safety.

  • We at Felix Industries Limited treat and clean this inlet water and bring it to drinking water standards thus making it consumable for drinking. We use the latest technology for the water treatment so that it can reach the users in purest form.